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House design building on your land we are professional "For the highest satisfaction of customers We dare to guarantee the quality at a fair price."

If you dream of having a house in the way you are satisfied for the happiness of you and your loved… But you are still hesitant in many matters, especially in terms of funding, construction quality and the value of money is your payment.

If you are planning to have a good apartment for rent to collect long term interest… but not skilled in construction, Concerned about the value of the investment, Concerned about the satisfaction of residents.

"Stop worrying and do what your heart desires. Consulting professionals like us, we are confident that we have an offer that is difficult to refuse."

"No problem with contractors leaving work.
100% guaranteed."

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Who we are?

Run Sang Baan Korat by J&P House It arises from the gathering of executive new generatoin have more than 20 ปี experience in the home building business, more than 200 house building in large projects in Nakhon Ratchasima. Professional engineer and architects have common ideas in the establishment of a home building business with goals and policies that "Focus on the quality of work as the main"

From experience in the hom building business, We have professional team to give advice under slogan "Building Good Home, Quality Guaranteed", There is a clear goals in running house building business on you land. Control of the construction of commercial, dormitories, condo and housing service in particular. To meet the needs for you we have standard house many designs to choose to get the most satisfying.

Work with us

whatever you want detached house, a home-office or apartment that is nice to live. We can arrange it for you.

For the design our professional architects can response you needs of style who you are without neglecting the usefulness, We guarantee that “You will get the best” for sure.

Control of work every step by skilled engineer. We satisfaction guarantee You will get with you want “Highest customer satisfaction is our duty”

Promotion For You

Because you are.....special person for us, Choose to receive 5 specials today.!!!

J&P House: Rub Sang Baan Korat in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

Good Promotion....“To give to special person. Because you are.....our special person”

1. Add entertainment system in the bathroom for the happiness of customers in modern bathrooms. Let relax, feel refreshed and have the bright energy of the new day.

2. Get a new water heater, When the weather is cold we would like to give warmth to our customers. Taking a warm bath can help your body relax, It is good for health, make customers feel refreshed after taking a shower

3. New refrigerator size 5 cubic. Save fiber 5 according to international standards. Modern look with outstanding design. Suitable for various styles of rooms with the new home of the customer as well.

4. Termite control system, We arranges a termite control system with PIPE TREATMENT system, chemical pipe under the building using high pressure sprayer, 2 years warranty and can take care of you continuously for a long time.

5. Air conditioning system in every bedroom, To facilitate the selection of the air conditioner installation point.

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#Build a house confidently choose....♻️ ®️Rub Sang Baan Korat by J&P House.

Premium Home At a reasonable price PREMIUM ••• QUALITY 100% with Excellent Disbursement System.

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